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Best in class security to avoid misuse of your data


Company Identity

Showcase your company identity with our custom IRIS Card


Best Designs

Best of best designs to pick from for your preferred IRIS Card



Why carry hundreds of cards when cards when you can tap and share


Simple & Convenient See How It Works

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    Tap your card on any device and share your details contactless via NFC.


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    A page with your details simply opens in their browser.


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    Save your details as a new contact.


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    Impress People You Meet


Testimonials Happy Clients

Nathaniel D.Costa
I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that your product is really good. I’m glad I decided to get business cards from you. It’s really great how easy your cards are to use and manage. I never have any problem at all. Joseph Mathew
Nathaniel D.Costa
You cards are so simple. Your card is so much faster and easier than my old cards. I just choose pick the card and just tap. Nathaniel D.Costa
Nathaniel D.Costa
Wow. I just updated my business card from the conventional one and it was SO SIMPLE. I am blown away. Thanks for being so awesome. Mathew George

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I change my contact details?

    Sure! You can request data changes at any time. Each card has a unique code on it, and you can contact our support at any point, to make the data change or to ‘reset’ the card so you can reprogram it.


  • How can I get a custom design?

    You can complete the payment on this page, and specify the quantity of cards in the next step. Our team will reach out to get your logo (and branding guidelines if available), and will prepare a proposal for the card design. For any questions or for orders over 100 cards, contact sales@iriscards.com.


  • Do I need to download an app?

    No! You do not need any apps or software. The cards use NFC technology (same tech used for mobile payments), which is available on almost all phones. There is also a QR code at the back, that you can even share over video calls. When you use the card the other person does not need any apps either. A page with your details simply opens in their browser and they can easily save your details as a new contact.


  • Is there any annual fee?

    Absolutely not! The price includes all costs and it’s a one-time fee. No extra charges for customization and no annual fees.


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